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The Search Ninjas

Between client work, running a small business, and trying to find time to market and promote our own services, I no longer have time to dedicate to personal blogging. For more up-to-date blog posts please visit The Search Ninjas’ blog which is located here. Thanks for reading!

This Morning’s Search News

Okay so it’s no secret that I’m pretty much a one-man show when it comes to search marketing, and that’s for a reason- I try to spend as much time on clients’ work as I can and less time talking about what they can be doing. It’s kind of a “practice what you preach” kind […]

I Saw You Coming You Big Ol Panda

Not to toot my own horn, but I feel like I saw the ramifications of the recent Google Panda update growing since he was just a little cub. I’ve said this in past blog posts, but my motto when it comes to SEO- “If everyone can do it, or it’s too easy- it probably isn’t […]

Recent JC Penney SEO Allegations Shed Light on “Grey” Areas

The New York Times published an article over the weekend, Search Engine Optimization and its Dirty Little Secrets, in which they hired David Pierce of Blue Fountain Media (and, no, I’m not linking to their website because they’re getting enough press attention and link juice from this story as it is… not that this blog […]

Using images for link building

Sometimes, when it comes to building links to your website to increase it’s search engine rankings, thinking outside of the box and being a little more creative with what techniques you use can make all of the difference. I’ve spent plenty of time link building for clients and training others on effective ways to build […]

The Top 5 Ways Changes to Google Can Influence EVERYONE

Last month was Google Instant, this month is Google… Places? If you haven’t noticed by now, Google is spying on you (and always was). If you do a generic search for something like “podiatrist” or “DVD rental”, not only will you get the normal organic/nationwide search results, but you’ll also likely get a local business […]

How Important is it to be Number 1 ? More Than You Think

Tom Foster and I attended SMX East a few weeks ago in New York, and among all of information in the presentations and seminars that I attended, one set of images stood out in my mind and really seemed to re-emphasize how important search engine optimization really is. There have always been debates as to […]

Better Keywords vs. More Keywords: The Eternal Debate

When SEO consultants are looking at a potential client and trying to determine a strategy for what keywords they would like to recommend optimizing a website for, the first thing they (should) look at is the business itself. Understanding who the client’s target audience and who they are trying to reach through search engine marketing […]

Marketing 101: Know The Product You’re Promoting

I’ve spoken to a few SEO’ers in the past who focus so much time and attention on getting their client’s website to rank well for certain keywords that they failed to take the time to actually educate themselves on the product that they’re marketing. Yes, that’s right… the product that they’re marketing. If you perform […]

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