This Morning’s Search News

Okay so it’s no secret that I’m pretty much a one-man show when it comes to search marketing, and that’s for a reason- I try to spend as much time on clients’ work as I can and less time talking about what they can be doing. It’s kind of a “practice what you preach” kind of deal.

Also, instead of just regurgitating content, I want to try to give the original authors some credit because most of the time, coming up with creative posts and ideas can be tough.

So I’ve decided to try something new- a daily recap of the top stories in search. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this, but here are a few stories that I found in my rss reader that I found interesting:

Google Local Launches Indexed Local Directory Portals- A great post by David Mihm (who is an expert at all things Google Places-related), originating from a Search Catalyst blog post, that finds a new Google Local directory that seems to be rolled out in certain markets (Austin, Portland, San Diego, and Madison Wisconsin, which I’m curious about).

Reviews are becoming increasingly important to Google Places rankings according to David’s amazing Google Places Ranking Factors survey (which was just updated last week and you REALLY need to check out if you’re a local business), and this might be another reason why because the places that are displayed on the front page seem to both a) have reviews, and b) have decent reviews.

If you’re a bar, coffee shop, gym, spa, hotel, restaurant, or retail store, you should make sure you’re on top of your Google Places game. These are the markets that these Google Places landing pages are targeting, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google get their greedy little hands into the lawyer and doctor directory market. (update: Search Engine Land has launched a blog post wondering if Google is trying to compete with Yelp and online Yellow pages)

Print Yellow Pages More Trusted Than Search Engines and Social Networks– An interesting post yesterday in Search Engine Land that shows that, according to a survey, Yellow Pages (either online or in print) were used more often in the past year than search engines, by 12%. You can make an argument that your offsite marketing efforts are extremely important not only to build links to your website to increase it’s search engine rankings, but because you need to maintain a presence where the majority of your target audience is spending their time. Speaking of off-site advertising…

Google Buys Admeld- There was a great post last week in Mashable talking about how display advertising is on the rise and will overtake search by 2015. Well, Google seems to agree that display is the future of Internet marketing, because they apparently recently shelled out $400 million to acquire Admeld. Read what Admeld’s CEO has to say about it (likely from his brand new yacht and/or private jet…wait, I guess it would just be “or” because you can’t be on a jet and yacht at the same time….yet.) here.

A Few Facebook News Items (since I finally watched The Social Network last night):

It’s from last week, but Facebook ad popularity continues to grow according to ZDNet with a high percentage of small business owners admitting that they use Facebook ads to promote their businesses.

Also, CNBC recently announced that Facebook could go public for over… wait for it… ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS!

The first person to send me a Zuckerburg doing the Doctor Evil finger pose gets… something.

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