Marketing 101: Know The Product You’re Promoting


I’ve spoken to a few SEO’ers in the past who focus so much time and attention on getting their client’s website to rank well for certain keywords that they failed to take the time to actually educate themselves on the product that they’re marketing.

Yes, that’s right… the product that they’re marketing.

If you perform search engine optimization and you don’t look at yourself as a marketer than you can pretty much put yourself in the category of the SEO’ers who are nothing but smoke and mirrors and who are out to make a quick buck by promising your client “better rankings on search engines, which means you’re get more business! Can I have my check now?”.

Link building is important to search engine optimization, and is becoming a lost art now that so many automated options are out there. Within a half of an hour you can pretty much blast out a piece of content to 50+ social bookmarking sites, blast a press release out to multiple distribution sites, and submit an article to a number of different content syndication sites.

But how valuable are these links, and another question that you probably never ask yourself: how many RELEVANT visits will these sites actually get your client? Oh wait, you mean the links aren’t just for SEO? Not if they’re good links!

This is why it’s important for anyone who considers search engine optimization as their profession to know the clients’ product or service inside and out.

By educating yourself on every aspect of your client’s business, you are better prepared to understand your client’s target audience, and what types of sites you can look for to market to them (and also build links from). If you’re just building links from any old site and hoping that their search engine rankings will mysteriously start to rise and that they’ll be on top of the world six months from now, well, good luck, especially after you promised them six months ago that they’d be doubling their business once you’ve gotten them there.

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